We only work with the best resources available and always deliver the best results along with swift project completion. We strive for honest customer service, contracts are paid in full when services are booked.

Andre Knight


I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and freelance since middle school. My ability to finish things and innovative them to another level made me seek more information. I met up with a fellow entrepreneur, Jerry Bailey in high school and searched for more. After some years of college, I came across Cecil Franklin, another entrepreneur in the work-force...

Jerry Bailey


I am an entrepreneur, creator and builder. I want to build companies that make the world a better place, one product or service at a time. I have come to believe that if you let life unfold itself, you will experience it like never. Our company Swift Service Men possesses great skill in getting the job done, whether it’s moving, pressure washing, business promotion, or lawn-care...

Cecil Franklin


I am a self-starter, motivator and an entrepreneur. My job is to provide a lucrative blue print to ones planned objective. I became immaculate at what I do because of prosperous routes that my team and I set as goals to meet. We as Swift Service Men are here to promote the best quality service in any field of play....