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Web Presence

The website homepage will generally be the initial point of contact with your consumers. An “About” page can further reinforce the trust factor. An "Contact” page should clearly explain to your customers how to get in contact with you. If you want to set your business apart from everyone else, the best way to do that is to create a company blog.


Digital Marketing

Another option for capturing leads is social media. Microblogs and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter can help you connect with and contact those within your core community. Businesses with a Facebook Fan page can include a Fan box on the site to make it an easy process to fan the business page. When you’re building an online presence, the most important aspect is your website.

It’s preferable to use original images or ones taken by you, as this adds a much-desired personal touch to your campaign. High quality, attractive images are often expensive to purchase or time consuming to create. Videos are incredibly useful for presenting common problems and then showing the solutions that your product can offer. With a screenshot, you can provide your audience with a glimpse into the inner workings of your product or service. You can show what services and functions you offer from a direct perspective,